Mentoring Program

Spanning thirteen countries in five continents, we have supported or are supporting 87 women through mentoring relationships (35 mentors, 52 mentees). This mentoring programme connects established women scholars with emerging women scholars all over the world. The guidelines (including what we mean by established and emerging scholars) and the timeline for this programme can be found by reading the document below.

We are very thankful to the John Templeton Foundation for helping fund this initiative as well as the University of St Andrews for reducing the cost of their mentor-matching software so we can make this happen.

Mentee experiences from the 2022 Logia Global Mentoring Programme:

I am so grateful to Logia for connecting me with my mentor. She was a wonderful source of wisdom and encouragement as I navigated a key time in my academic journey. I was inspired by her obvious giftedness and her dedication to scholarship and service to the church. It was such a joy to be connected with her and I looked forward to every conversation.

I was so blessed by a mentor who took an active interest in me, my studies, and my life. She was generous with her time and resources, showed up to hear me present papers, and helped me feel connected to a larger community of women scholars.

My mentor encouraged me in general ways, but also gave specific information and perspectives about working as an academic. It was helpful to have her input over the year.