Informational Flyer

For a resource that communicates our vision, why we exist, and what you can do to help remove barriers to women’s success, check out our Logia Informational Flyer. Feel free to download and distribute this in your own circles of influence.

Institutional Climate Assessment

Additionally, if you are hoping to assess your institution’s environment regarding the experiences of women, the University of St Andrews has provided a template of the survey used for this purpose which can be adapted to your institution’s context.

Sample of Conference Resources

Often, conferences magnify our values. Therefore, these are places to be especially intentional about who is seen and heard, as well as, what learning styles and embodied diversities are privileged. Often, these values need to be made more visible. Here you will find a sample of instructions that sat on tables of a recent conference hosted in Aotearoa New Zealand, as well as the full programme for ideas about how a conference might be structured. The guiding question throughout our planning was: “will this help everyone to flourish?” While improvements can always be made, thinking through that question instead of “how much content can we cover” proved to make the conference a flourishing experience for those who attended.